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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Over 50 And Still Making A Difference

In general society dictates what you should or should not do at a certain age. In many cases these milestones determine what education level you should be at; where you should be in terms of relationships and where you should be in terms of your career. Different societies may have different  objectives  for these milestone and a timeline for these milestones to be achieved.
Milestones themselves may have a  relatively  static notion of what  should or should not be achieved at a certain point and time. The milestones  may disregard or consider  health, education, culture, the economy, etc.
In terms of  career  milestones the age of 50 is considered a turning point. In many people’s mind it is the time to consider retirement or perhaps a slowdown in one’s work schedule. There may even be a  work “policy” associated with this milestone.
At 50 an individual may start to realize that their co-workers are much younger then they are making them think about how they are fitting into the work culture and how they will communicate with colleagues.
Despite all the static notions of what you should or should not do after the age of 50 the ultimate decision is up to the individual to decide the next step. For many people 50 should either be just another date and they should continue on with there career as it stands. It may be a point in one’s life where a career change is due.
In many cases the assessment may reveal that the 50th birthday is just  another birthday and there are many challenges to look forward and embrace.
The most important thing to consider when making the decision to stay in the work force is not what society thinks you should do. It is what you can and want to do.
Kevin Flood has worked with a for a number of people over the age of 50 and beyond. He is an avid blogger publishing a number of business blogs on Kevin Corner.

You can still be productive, creative and innovative after the age of 50

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