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Monday, September 27, 2010

Do You Have The Courage To Take The Startup BootCamp Survey/Test?

Test yourself to see if you have the right startup technique and approach to succeed! I have worked for and with many startups. Some have succeeded, some have not. The trick to being a successful entrepreneur is understanding yourself and your environment(business, personal, family, etc.). The questionnaire I have posted at (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8PDKD6H) will give you insight into yourself, your business partners, family members, investors and business associates. Answers the questions honestly and see how you compare to the rest of the startup community.

The questions are:

1.) Are conflicts and disagreements amongst co-founders good or bad for a startup?

2.) Should you craft an exit strategy in the early stages of a company?

3.) Should you close your company down when the investment capital has run out?

4.) If an investor decides not to invest in your company does that mean your company will not be successful?

5.) Are venture capitalists a good source of advice in the early stages of company formation even if you are not seeking their investment?

6.) Is equity only compensation an effective way to attract and retain a startup staff?

7.) Is it important to establish business metrics early in the formation of a company?

8.) Should a startup always be engaged in fund raising even if the startup has proper funding?

9.) Should a startup have a time line for milestone achievements?

10.) Can all Internet related startups be launched with little or no investment capital?

11.) Should a startup's original business plan and idea ever be changed?

12.) Will a commitment to a startup lifestyle have an impact on an entrepreneur's family and close friendships?

13.) Should self funded startups create a business plan?

14.) If the majority of the people you survey think your business idea is a good one should you automatically start a company based on that idea?

15.) Is institutional capital(venture or bank loans) required for a startup to become successful?

16.) Should founders invest all of their savings in their startup?

17.) Should a startup assume that outside investors will invest in their company?

18.) Should startup team members be interdisciplinary including business, technical, finance, legal and domain expertise?

19.) Should entrepreneurs have a set time line in mind for when the business will be successful?

20.) Should startup members get the approval from their families before they start a company?

If you want the overall results of the test to compare how you lined up against your colleagues and competitors send your e-mail address to kflood6@gmail.com.

Survey/Quiz Link (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8PDKD6H)

Good Luck!!!

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